This is Europe

The Power of Social Inclusion

Episode Summary

Faced with an ageing population and poor facilities for the disabled across much of the continent, Europe has several groups at risk of marginalisation. Stories of inclusion from the edges of the EU, and beyond.

Episode Notes

Following a flight from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, Bruno Tot, from the Croatian Blind Union, is ready to inspect the work of a project helping blind and visually impaired people to travel independently. Visually impaired himself, Bruno tells us of the challenges involved in travelling Europe today and how the programme is improving accessibility for people like him. 

Meanwhile in Lebanon, amidst one of the worst crises in the country’s history, Interreg is funding work developing a drastically new model of care and inclusion for the nation’s elderly. Psychiatrist and project partner Dr Georges Karam explains how it’s all focused on a subject still very much taboo in Lebanese society - mental health.

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