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Seeking refuge

Episode Summary

How can we collaborate to integrate the millions of refugees who have sought sanctuary in Europe? Stories from across the EU of projects helping our new arrivals.

Episode Notes

Shahidha Bari hears from refugees that have fled violence for the continent and the Interreg funded projects helping them to integrate into their new lives.

In the Italian city of Parma, the ‘Wonderful House’ is providing refugees with accommodation, visa application support, language training and other resources to help them become fully fledged citizens of their new home. Pedro Apollos, Wonderful House manager and former refugee, tells us about his incredible story. 

Meanwhile, in the Limburg region of Belgium and the Netherlands, an innovative project has helped many refugees gain meaningful full-time work and even national citizenship. Syrian refugee Yayha Al Ghazali tells us how it has changed everything, providing him and his family with a new life and hope for the future.

Also, we hear from Alex Betts, Professor of Forced Migration and International Affairs at the University of Oxford, about the complicated interplay between the political, social and economic aspects of refugees seeking a new home in Europe. 

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