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Recycling is Silver, Reuse is Gold

Episode Summary

Recycling has long been seen as one of the key weapons in our fight against climate change. But what about Reuse? Stories of reinvention, imagination and upcycling from some very forward thinking Europeans.

Episode Notes

Across the sparse landscapes of the far north of Europe, scientists have collaborated with master beer brewer Mattias Bergström to show how much can be done with waste wheat leftover from the beer making process. Mattias tells us how important the support of Interreg is in getting this ‘circular’ economy up and running in Europe, and of the commercial opportunities it could eventually present across the continent.

Meanwhile in Austria, an industrious network of Reuse advocates have come together to create ‘Smart Parks’ offering upcycling masterclasses, repair cafes and reuse collection points. Johannes Münsch, upcycling expert and project manager, explains the role reuse can play in helping the continent achieve Zero Waste.

Also, we hear from Kate Raworth, author of the bestselling book Doughnut Economics, on why economies need to be reinvented for the 21st century and how governments can go about it.

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