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Culture in crisis

Episode Summary

Following the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, how has Interreg helped artists and workers throughout the cultural sector? Stories from creatives across the continent.

Episode Notes

From the northern Italian city of Bologna, Interreg has funded an innovative pilot programme helping artists build their connections across the continent, finding new work opportunities and broadening their creative community. Musician Guido Manfrini tells us about his work with the project and how the industry has coped with performance venues being shut for over a year.

Meanwhile, in the far south western corner of Europe, two Portuguese towns have teamed up with their Spanish neighbour across the Guadiana river to create a “EuroCity”, bringing their events programmes together into a joint cultural agenda across the area. Superstar Portuguese singer Susana Travassos reveals how the project helped her get over the effects of isolation - and why it's so important for the region.

On the Croatian-Serbian border, a group of daring musicians managed to play on throughout the pandemic in 2020. Mirko Boch, director of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, tells us how he kept the show on the road, while also bringing communities together who historically have had a difficult relationship.

Participating programmes: Mediterranean, España-Portugal (POCTEP) and Croatia-Serbia 

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Presented by Shahidha Bari. Produced by Max Bower. A Tempo & Talker production.